As a child, my parents were passionate about community and our house was regularly open to family, friends, neighbours and tag-alongs. Sometimes the menu was excellent, at other times, it was simple sustenance. But the food wasn’t usually the main attraction; it was the people as their stories that captured our attention.   

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Nowadays I love making functional wares that people can use daily to enhance and enrich the eating and drinking experience. I especially enjoy it when my vessels are bought for loved ones and then with every use, that relationship is remembered and deepened. After studying ceramics at Homesglen TAFE (VIC), I set up my first studio in Toowong in 2013 and operated it full-time for three years. While I’m not running Servant Ceramics as a full-time business at the moment, I relish those in-between-life moments where I can sit at the wheel to throw and turn, decorate, glaze, fire and delight in the transformation of clay into useful ceramic wares with my small-batch, sustainable, artistic practice.

In this fast paced world, I’d like to think that even if you are eating or drinking alone, when you use a handmade vessel, then you are in good company and the Maker is oh so happy to be sharing in that moment with you.

Rachel – designer and artisan maker of Servant Ceramics.

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