Teapot lids – How I make them

One of my favourite things to throw are teapot lids.  That might be a little strange to read but its true, I really enjoy throwing teapot lids. Like with all throwing, strength and delicacy dance together as you push, pull and shape a teapot lid. The stem (knob) can significantly alter the teapot’s overall aesthetic…… Continue reading Teapot lids – How I make them

And they are out!

“Freedom!” the pots exclaimed!  As with any glaze firing, cracking open the kiln door reveals whether the hours of work previously result in glorious squeals of joy or a heavy Potter’s heart. Fortunately – the door opened to reveal more of the former rather than the later! HUZZAH!! My coloured tests fired great and there are…… Continue reading And they are out!

While the internet is still down….

I’d like to make an official statement so it’s on the record… No internet = greater productivity. There I said it. I suspected this was the case and this past week without internet has definitely confirmed it. Since the interwebs went down last Thursday, Masterchef has come back on the telly so while that has…… Continue reading While the internet is still down….