Thank You!

A big thanks to the lovely customers who bought items yesterday! I have packed most of the items but have a few sneaky, last minute sales still to package and prepare for shipping. Please note that I will be away from the studio for the next two weeks – heading south for the Australian Ceramics Triennial.…… Continue reading Thank You!

Store opens in….

 And to commemorate the store launch…I’ve been working on some very special, limited edition altered beakers. Not only will they be unique, practical and beautiful, but I will be personalising each beaker with their buyer’s name. This way, as Servant Ceramics grows and builds, the owners can proudly show that they were a crucial part…… Continue reading Store opens in….

Opening date has been revealed!!

  Yesterday, on the Servant Ceramics facebook page, I asked friends to guess the date that the online shop will open… and somebody special got it right! OCTOBER 23rd is our official opening day. *insert squeal here* But if you are a {STUDIO MATE} keep a close eye on your email this week as I hoping…… Continue reading Opening date has been revealed!!