OBJECT:SPOON exhibition now open – with my spoon!!

From 72 submissions (from 16 countries), 25 spoons were selected by Vipoo Srivilasa, Vicki Grima (editor of The Journal of Australian Ceramics) and Leslie Ferrin (curator of Ceramic Top 40) and are currently exhibited as a group, in the second venue of Ceramic Top 40 | New & Selected Works at Harvard Ceramics in Allston, Massachusetts, USA. Including…… Continue reading OBJECT:SPOON exhibition now open – with my spoon!!

Clunes Ceramic Award (update)

You may remember that I entered the 2013 Clunes Ceramic Award… (here’s that post) Well, the announcement of finalists was delayed and all entrants were sent an email on Sunday: Fair call – the Manningham Ceramic Art Award was inundated with entries and the Clunes award is well recognised as a respected and highly prized…… Continue reading Clunes Ceramic Award (update)