Catch up with studio happenings…

I realised yesterday, that I’ve been quite quiet here on the blog. There’s been *LOTS* happening, and I just haven’t made it to the computer to share it here. The fb & instagram pages have been updated – isn’t it just so easy with the camera and apps to shoot up a quick photo?! Still, I…… Continue reading Catch up with studio happenings…

Truth time

Its been a tougher than expected week at the Servant Ceramics Studio…  …don’t get me wrong, there have been some awesome moments but its a been hard one for a couple reasons. Lets celebrate the highs first eh? – Stocking up in an epic way with glaze materials. The great results in the kiln mean…… Continue reading Truth time

Clunes Ceramic Award (update)

You may remember that I entered the 2013 Clunes Ceramic Award… (here’s that post) Well, the announcement of finalists was delayed and all entrants were sent an email on Sunday: Fair call – the Manningham Ceramic Art Award was inundated with entries and the Clunes award is well recognised as a respected and highly prized…… Continue reading Clunes Ceramic Award (update)

Clunes Ceramic Award

After some nervous thoughts and many doubts, I’ve entered my application into this year’s award. Applications close this Friday, July 26th and the shortlist is announced August 10th. With so many entries in the Manningham Ceramic Award, I’m sure that the Clunes judges will be overwhelmed with many excellent entries. Oh! I have got a great…… Continue reading Clunes Ceramic Award