Sniff, Mudcolony’s last blog.

If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you would be familiar with the word ‘MudColony’… Mud Colony is one of the reasons why I started my own blog. For the past two years, ceramic artists from diverse practices, different locations and contrasting styles came together, sharing their studio practices and encouraging each…… Continue reading Sniff, Mudcolony’s last blog.

Day has been….

…Amazing!!  I’ve sent off this fabulous custom Christmas ornament order And dropped into Handmade on Highstreet and lookie here… What a day indeed 🙂 The kiln is currently firing away for this Saturday’s Handmade Redcliffe Market. Check out this awesome snippet from the Redcliffe Herald… (if you click on the image, it enlarges for ease…… Continue reading Day has been….

We’ve made it to December… [what?!]

The month of awkward end-of-year parties is upon us – be it with work mates, social groups, extended friend circles or family. Not too mention what I call the ‘Present Purchasing Whirlpool’… deciding what to buy for those dear to you, weighing up how much to spend and working out how to emphase the goodwill…… Continue reading We’ve made it to December… [what?!]

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You are only a day away!

After a huge week in the studio, there is only ONE more day for custom Christmas orders to make it into the kiln. With 3 upcoming Christmas markets, there’s lots of stock building up and I’ll be updating both online stores for last minute, ready-to-ship items so you might be lucky if you roll the…… Continue reading Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You are only a day away!

How it’s done || Christmas decorations

This post is dedicated to a couple of my closest friends…. I’m sure you have at least one friend like these ones – the loyal, encouraging, supportive and  brutally honest types? The ones that ask those tough questions most ‘normal’ people just keep to themselves? At a recent catch-up, they commented about a recent giveaway I ran…… Continue reading How it’s done || Christmas decorations