Custom Wedding Gifts

I have always loved making gifts for other people – when I was little, I was obsessed with card-making and took every opportunity to celebrate significant occasions with handmade gifts. Nowadays, when asked to craft a personalised wedding gift, I still jump at the chance.

I received an email recently and here’s a section of it:

We wanted to say thankyou for doing the bowl/s for us before Christmas for K** and R***…..the fact that they are made by somebody we know and trust for something as special as a wedding gift makes us happy, and we were just talking about how each piece is so individual and unique (which we also love!) So, on this note….we have 2 weddings coming up in the next 12 months and are wondering if its possible for you to do something along these lines for us again 🙂

It still thrills me to create something unique, personal and a true keepsake for such a special occasion as a wedding day. As this would be a made-to-order item, I will keep you updated on the process as I make, fire and ship your purchase but please be aware that it can take four-six weeks to fulfil as Servant Ceramics is a small, boutique studio. If you are worried about the time frame, please contact me as it is possible to speed production to meet a deadline. I am able to package and post these special beakers directly to the couple or just as easily send them to you, the purchaser.

Please do contact me  if you would like to order a personalised set of wedding cups or if there’s other vessel that you have in mind as a gift.