Gift Vouchers


>>>>> Oooooh, the excitement <<<<<

You’ve either been given a voucher (lucky you) or are looking into purchasing a voucher (lucky them)!!

If it’s a case of lucky you…. here’s what you need to know:

i) The voucher can be used on sale items, I repeat, can be used on sale items. It can also be put towards a custom order as well as the ready to ship range. All items are accessible with the voucher and should you require shipping, the voucher can cover shipping costs as well.

ii) You can redeem vouchers in person (at a market) or through direct communication with me. Depending on your preference, I will either create a custom order, just for your purchase or we will complete the transaction with secret handshakes and special codes.

iii) Please take note of the voucher’s expiry date and place your order before that specific date. The voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Buttons maybe, but not cash. 


If you’re looking to gift a voucher to someone:

i) In the words of Anne, “…it’d be great if she can choose something she likes and would use.” Purchasing a Servant Ceramics’ gift voucher isn’t a cop-out gift at all – in this case – it makes the chosen product incredibly special and individually significant to the recipient.

ii) All vouchers remain active for a year from the date of purchase. The expiry date is clearly marked on each voucher and it is the responsibility of the recipient to place their order before the date expires.

iii) Vouchers can be physically mailed or electronically sent on your behalf to the recipient or the electronic version can be sent to the purchaser to print and gift.