Meet the Maker

Welcome to Servant Ceramics! I am the owner and maker, Rachel Cramer, and I started this business to make sure that you or your loved ones don’t eat or drink alone.

As a child, my parents were passionate about community and loved inviting family, friends and guests to share a meal. Stories were exchanged, dreams were uncovered and losses mourned; laughter and tears, discussions and debates all occurred around that octagonal kitchen table.

We shared around that table. We shared life.

But times have changed. Families don’t live in neighbouring suburbs. Friendships are increasingly forged online, fuelled by interests rather than proximity. Parents work long hours and children seem to grow up too quickly. Family time is reserved for holidays. Friendships seem to morph into hitting a like button twice a week but never catching up. We seem to be connected with more people, but is that the case? Getting that cup of coffee together is proving a more allusive challenge these days.

I know what it’s like to know no one around you and to feel completely and absolutely alone. Surrounded by people, yet isolated and overlooked. At these times, I remember retreating to my bedroom, closing the wooden door and crawling into bed after pulling out a few treasures from my third desk drawer. As I reflected upon the items – a photograph, a card and a mug – feelings of acceptance, recognition and love warmed my heart.

So I choose to make treasures, created, to embrace the unique, classic and timeless characteristic of individual worth. Vessels are made, so to say ‘you are not drinking alone’ or ‘you are not eating dinner alone.’

The maker knows you are using them. They were made, just for you.

I love making vessels that you can use or give as gifts to the significant people in your life – a mug for your Mum to drink her coffee from every morning, a dinner plate for your Dad’s steak and two vege, a matching teacup and saucer set for you and your best friend so that when you FaceTime you can drink tea together. I enjoy making vessels to enrich and enhance the drinking and dining experience for any and every occasion. If you have something wonderful in mind for someone special, please do contact me for a custom order.

While I started my clay-making journey in Melbourne, VIC (attaining an Advanced Diploma of Ceramics at Holmesglen TAFE), I established Servant Ceramics in Brisbane, QLD. When I started it in 2013, I operated it as a full-time ceramics studio but have since transitioned into art education after expanding my business with workshops and other teaching opportunities.