Caring for Servant Ceramics’ Vessels

Servant Ceramics vessels are typically fired to Cone 8-10 in electric kilns which means they are vitrified and perfect for everyday use. My glazes are lead-free for your peace of mind.

All functional vessels are dishwasher friendly, but I highly recommend hand washing to extend the life of the vessels (if you are going to put them in the dishwasher, ideally use a delicate cycle without drying heat). Despite the glass-like glazed surface, the heat and power of dishwashers can effect the all glazed surfaces over time.

While I don’t openly recommend using vessels in microwave ovens, (I cannot guarantee against what the extended exposure from the microwaves might do in the long term) I have occasionally used mine in our microwave and so far, there have been no issues or apparent degradation.

With the gold lustre range, these should not be washed in a dishwasher or heated in the microwave. As a metal (actual 12ct gold), harsh washing and dishwashing liquids can substantially weaken and deteriorate the gold finish.

At home, Andrew and I used our bowls, plates and cups daily and avoid any staining type food or liquids on the unglazed clay or light coloured satin surfaces.