Catching you up…

  Today (Sept 21st) marks one year since my very first market stall! I had the date marked on our calendar and it’s amazing to think of all things that have happened since that first market alongside Reborn Handmade!! It was so nice to reflect on this passing of time as I was working in…… Continue reading Catching you up…

The Belated Birthday Post

Yup, it’s been a whole week since our Open Studio / Birthday Party event. …and I’m only just getting the chance to pull my thoughts together on it all. Hands down, it was one of my favourite days of 2014. Hands down! I won’t lie, Sunday morning before everyone arrived was a little stressful as we re-arranged…… Continue reading The Belated Birthday Post

May Madness

It’s not just May that’s been mad – it’s this whole year so far! I feel as if I’ve been in a constant state of movement and momentum since the start of February. There’s been consistency like never before in my studio production and I’ve been loving that. So far 2014 has already seen a…… Continue reading May Madness

Clunes Ceramic Award (update)

You may remember that I entered the 2013 Clunes Ceramic Award… (here’s that post) Well, the announcement of finalists was delayed and all entrants were sent an email on Sunday: Fair call – the Manningham Ceramic Art Award was inundated with entries and the Clunes award is well recognised as a respected and highly prized…… Continue reading Clunes Ceramic Award (update)

My work in The Journal of Australian Ceramics

In the National Education Pictorial Survey, you can see work from Australia’s ceramic institutions – and on page 41, you’ll see a teaset I made while studying at Holmesglen TAFE!! I love that my work was pictured with Pie and Yuso – two ladies that I really enjoyed learning with and from, and who are tremendously…… Continue reading My work in The Journal of Australian Ceramics

Friday June 21st, you have completely taken me by surprise

You know when you’ve had a really good day? Well, I wanted to record today as it has been one of those days – an awesome, couldn’t have planned it better, kind of day. So what’s made it so great…? Sleeping in // more specifically, sleeping in while light rain pats down on the rooftop…… Continue reading Friday June 21st, you have completely taken me by surprise