Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You are only a day away!

After a huge week in the studio, there is only ONE more day for custom Christmas orders to make it into the kiln. With 3 upcoming Christmas markets, there’s lots of stock building up and I’ll be updating both online stores for last minute, ready-to-ship items so you might be lucky if you roll the…… Continue reading Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You are only a day away!

How it’s done || Christmas decorations

This post is dedicated to a couple of my closest friends…. I’m sure you have at least one friend like these ones – the loyal, encouraging, supportive and  brutally honest types? The ones that ask those tough questions most ‘normal’ people just keep to themselves? At a recent catch-up, they commented about a recent giveaway I ran…… Continue reading How it’s done || Christmas decorations

Happy Launch Day

Launch day has finally arrived….. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  And I wouldn’t be doing it properly if I wasn’t still uploading stock to the store with only 2 hours to go right? *facepalm* I wanted a special, opening only item for launch day. Something that was unique and personal and loveable…. and of course, I was working hard…… Continue reading Happy Launch Day


With a squeal, yelp, hoot, holler, huzzah and all other forms of exclamation (and fear), I am really excited to share that in less than 3 weeks, Servant Ceramics will have a virtual shopfront to call its own. There will be a selection of ready to ship vessels as well as made to order items.…… Continue reading Ahem! { BIG EXCITING NEWS HERE }

Introducing….. Marty!!!!

A warm welcome to a new member of the Servant Ceramics’ team… Meet Marty, our MailChimp. He will be responsible to getting our {STUDIO MATES} newsletter out to all the wonderful studio mates. “Ummm, Rachel… who exactly is a studio mate?” Excellent question internal blog monologue! But before I answer that, maybe I should explain…… Continue reading Introducing….. Marty!!!!

The BIG reveal… Part Two

You told me you wanted to know what our big secret is for Sept 21st… …and with special thanks to Pie, Greg and Yvette, I can reveal this exciting news with this picture…Did that help?Probably not what you were expecting right? Ok, well, what about this one?Hehe… I’m being slightly cryptic aren’t I? And truth be…… Continue reading The BIG reveal… Part Two