May Madness

It’s not just May that’s been mad – it’s this whole year so far! I feel as if I’ve been in a constant state of movement and momentum since the start of February. There’s been consistency like never before in my studio production and I’ve been loving that. So far 2014 has already seen a…… Continue reading May Madness

Handel and Handles – can you handle the variations?

  Coming across this image a few weeks ago, I knew I had to save it for when my mugs popped out of the kiln… … and I’m sooo excited to share my new mugs styles with you!!! When I was testing mug handles, opinion was pretty much divided between two (out of four) different shapes…… Continue reading Handel and Handles – can you handle the variations?

As any parent knows, when there is silence, something is happening…

Since my last post about servicing and maintaining my pottery wheel… I have been taking full advantage of it – making lots, replenishing stocks! I filled the shelves, only to empty them into the kiln for the first bisque firing of 2014! And it went perfectly! The first glaze firing, however, wasn’t perfect. The kiln…… Continue reading As any parent knows, when there is silence, something is happening…

Last minute Valentine’s Day special!!

I meant to put this together MUCH earlier than this… (Sidenote: Seriously 2014, slow down a bit ok, you’re just disappearing too quickly!) I have some special love to share with you all today. I have whipped up a couple super cute ‘ YOU + ME = love’ cards complete with a handmade Servant Ceramics…… Continue reading Last minute Valentine’s Day special!!

Day has been….

…Amazing!!  I’ve sent off this fabulous custom Christmas ornament order And dropped into Handmade on Highstreet and lookie here… What a day indeed 🙂 The kiln is currently firing away for this Saturday’s Handmade Redcliffe Market. Check out this awesome snippet from the Redcliffe Herald… (if you click on the image, it enlarges for ease…… Continue reading Day has been….

We’ve made it to December… [what?!]

The month of awkward end-of-year parties is upon us – be it with work mates, social groups, extended friend circles or family. Not too mention what I call the ‘Present Purchasing Whirlpool’… deciding what to buy for those dear to you, weighing up how much to spend and working out how to emphase the goodwill…… Continue reading We’ve made it to December… [what?!]