Getting ready for 2014….

Hello for the first time in 2014! If I can share a little secret here with you, I must confess that I feel a little slow off the blocks in starting this new year. The upside is that I’ve enjoyed a very special Christmas and New Years season with family and given that we’ve still…… Continue reading Getting ready for 2014….

2013 has ushered in quite a few changes…

For us – they’ve proved to be “good” changes. But not ones that have been without tears, doubts or frustrations. We’ve travelled overseas, moved interstate, started new jobs, left our Southern family and friends, reconnecting with QLD loved ones and struggled a little at the start to meet new people and make friends. Getting to…… Continue reading 2013 has ushered in quite a few changes…

Two more sleeps then… (sidetracked: why/how I chose my business name)

Official holidays for Servant Ceramics! To say that I’m excited is an understatement! This year has been amazing and I’ve been working my butt off. But I haven’t always had the best time management if I’m honest with you. There have been some very long hours, more than a couple of 14+hr studio days and…… Continue reading Two more sleeps then… (sidetracked: why/how I chose my business name)

Studio update from Servant Ceramics

Considering how the Mudcolony blog (collection of ceramic and pottery related blogs) only has two more weeks until it shuts down… … I thought that I’d actually fill you in with my week in the Servant Ceramics studio in an old school run down kinda way. Hopefully it’ll give you an insight into my studio…… Continue reading Studio update from Servant Ceramics

How it’s done || Christmas decorations

This post is dedicated to a couple of my closest friends…. I’m sure you have at least one friend like these ones – the loyal, encouraging, supportive and  brutally honest types? The ones that ask those tough questions most ‘normal’ people just keep to themselves? At a recent catch-up, they commented about a recent giveaway I ran…… Continue reading How it’s done || Christmas decorations

Jess & Jon’s Custom Wedding Cake Stand

What started out as a conversation over the fence has evolved into something very special…  I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive when my next-door neighbour Jess asked if I could make a cake stand for her upcoming wedding. Anything plate related can easily become a nightmare for a potter as plate forms…… Continue reading Jess & Jon’s Custom Wedding Cake Stand