BrisStyle Twilight Market

I don’t have many photos to share because it was such an amazing Friday Twilight market! It felt more like a Christmas market than an Autumn market. Big thanks to the Brisstyle family and all my wonderful customers. Thanks so much for your support – I’m so fortunate to have this job!

October BrisStyle Twilight Market

I do love the BrisStyle Twilight Markets! Being surrounded by talented makers, with the “hello-weekend” vibe and this beautiful Spring weather, this market are one of my favourites. That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever felt properly set up until at least and hour after the 5:00pm start time. Given its location at King George…… Continue reading October BrisStyle Twilight Market

To market, to market to buy a penny bun…

Or maybe some beautiful handmade ceramics? …wink wink?? With September almost over, it’s time to welcome October with open, uncovered arms! Up here in Brisbane, we’re packing away our jeans and knit jumpers to embrace our short shorts, summer dresses, sleeveless shirts and sunscreen – as well as our awesome outdoor craft markets!!! Here are two October markets that I’m…… Continue reading To market, to market to buy a penny bun…

Are you still alive?

There’s been so much happening here at Servant Ceramics… First up – we had a great time at out recent markets. Ending June with BrisStyle’s Twilight Market and a Suitcase Rummage at Brisbane Powerhouse and kicking off July at Handmade Redcliffe’s one year anniversary launch. Andrew and I also had the pleasure of his parents…… Continue reading Are you still alive?

Show and Tell

There’s nothing like receiving a photo from a customer… My heart does this weird jumpy, skippy, leapy kind of dance when an email or notification reveals a Servant Ceramic vessel well-settled and well-loved in a new home. Here’s a couple of my favourites that have come my way recently… Thank you so much for sharing…… Continue reading Show and Tell

May Madness

It’s not just May that’s been mad – it’s this whole year so far! I feel as if I’ve been in a constant state of movement and momentum since the start of February. There’s been consistency like never before in my studio production and I’ve been loving that. So far 2014 has already seen a…… Continue reading May Madness