Bisque – are we talking about biscuits, soup or clay?

We’re talking about clay of course! I’ve discovered that while some people have no idea what the word bisque means, to others it draws images of biscuits (or cookies if you socialise with Americans), soup (think of a smooth, creamy, crustacean-based soup) or the porous result of an 1000 degrees Celsius firing (give or take a…… Continue reading Bisque – are we talking about biscuits, soup or clay?

While the internet is still down….

I’d like to make an official statement so it’s on the record… No internet = greater productivity. There I said it. I suspected this was the case and this past week without internet has definitely confirmed it. Since the interwebs went down last Thursday, Masterchef has come back on the telly so while that has…… Continue reading While the internet is still down….

working, working

Been busy working away in the studio – adding the oxides this afternoon. These little beakers are perfect for afternoon tea, freshly squeezed juice, a sneaky serve of ice-cream, entree of soup, small portion of fruit salad and for holding trail mix or even m&ms. They’ll be bisqued soon, I promise!

Make Art

Found myself busy on the wheel this morning – making some beakers and testing out a few new designs. Reviewed the bisqued vessels this afternoon and except for a broken teapot (doh), everything else came through wonderfully. Gonna get some glazing happening tomorrow arvo and friday! In other news, I won a new TV a…… Continue reading Make Art

First bisque firing

Drumroll please… Introducing the very first Servant Ceramics bisque firing!! I measured out the kiln dimensions on my desk and tried arranging the vessels to give me an idea what would fit into the kiln. And surprisingly, everything (bar one really awful mug, which is now in the reclaim bucket, where it should have been…… Continue reading First bisque firing