We’ve made it to December… [what?!]

The month of awkward end-of-year parties is upon us – be it with work mates, social groups, extended friend circles or family. Not too mention what I call the ‘Present Purchasing Whirlpool’… deciding what to buy for those dear to you, weighing up how much to spend and working out how to emphase the goodwill…… Continue reading We’ve made it to December… [what?!]

Studio Saturday

Its been a while since I’ve been home on the weekend, let alone in the studio, but today was a studio Saturday – and it was goooooooooooood!  Heading into the studio this morning, I knew it was a beaker day. I’ve had a few beaker orders come in during the week and wanted to make…… Continue reading Studio Saturday

Jess & Jon’s Custom Wedding Cake Stand

What started out as a conversation over the fence has evolved into something very special…  I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive when my next-door neighbour Jess asked if I could make a cake stand for her upcoming wedding. Anything plate related can easily become a nightmare for a potter as plate forms…… Continue reading Jess & Jon’s Custom Wedding Cake Stand

Celebrating the one-week mark…

It has actually been 9 days since launching the online shop front… …and I’m very happy to share that I’m actually working on orders! As I type this post, a glaze firing has currently hit around 320 degrees as it climbs to 1280 degrees Celsius. There’s three special orders in there as well as plenty…… Continue reading Celebrating the one-week mark…

Like getting a call into work on your day off….

… this is just as unwanted! Discovered this crack as I unloaded the kiln. *Pfoohy* I must of been too heavy handed when placing beakers onto the platter during when stacking the kiln or perhaps a small air bubble in the slab? That would explain why the platter was still intact but cracked…? Any thoughts…… Continue reading Like getting a call into work on your day off….

Truth time

Its been a tougher than expected week at the Servant Ceramics Studio…  …don’t get me wrong, there have been some awesome moments but its a been hard one for a couple reasons. Lets celebrate the highs first eh? – Stocking up in an epic way with glaze materials. The great results in the kiln mean…… Continue reading Truth time