2018 – Didn’t you just sneak up on us quickly!

I have to admit, I dropped the preverbal blogging ball in 2017.

And if I’m to be completely honest, I can’t promise that 2018 will be any better BUT I would like to keep you all more informed about what is happening in the studio.

I don’t know about you but for 2017 started quickly and just kept rolling –  those early months vanished as I prepared for the 00030 show at Makers Gallery and ACOS studio event in August and had a wonderful response to my new designs for Christmas. All in all, I really needed some time to catch my breath over the summer holidays and fortunately, a road trip down to the family in Victoria was just what this potter needed. The beach time along our eastern coast was especially restorative.

Valla Beach, NSW
2018_Lit up
NYEs sparklers with the family

But what awaits for Servant Ceramics in 2018? Well, I’ve got a few new designs brewing and some different glazes that I’d love to test out on some alternate clay bodies. I’m also hoping to be a part of ACOS 2018 (Australian Ceramics Open Studios) and will use a couple of competitions to create deadlines for new work! My Etsy store has been filled and re-opened and I visited The Collective Store last week to restock their display as well.

I am finding it hard to comprehend that it’s already the last week of January – 2018, you certainly aren’t waiting for us!! I do trust that this new year has started off well for you and yours.

With a big smile for you,


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  1. Thanks for touching base with your supporters. I am now excited to see your new designs.Who do I know who would appreciate one of your new designs?

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