Big changes for Servant Ceramics in 2017


Ah, it’s good to be back from holidays! There’s truly no bed better than your own right?!

I won’t bore you with all the details of the trip but here’s one photo from Pompeii that I did share on my IG account


It was fantastic to see these historical pots. The archeological nerd in me was amazed. Standing in the ruins, taking in the broken, partial reconstructed buildings, aware of the reclaimed stories and mystery that still cloaks the stone, brick and marble – it was eerie. Magnificently eerie.

But, what I really wanted to share in this post is that Servant Ceramics is relocating in 2017. Moving into a bigger space which is really exciting. And if I’m honest, well overdue!

So while the move happens, I won’t be taking any new orders and I will be keeping my Etsy shop closed for a few more weeks while I get things set up and organised. I can’t wait to set up in the next space!!

With a big smile for you,