Cheers to CUPPA!!

Earlier this afternoon, Shannon Garson opened Cuppa: A Cup Survey with a personal anecdote about the power that a cup of tea has to calm, soothe and quieten. Her story was one that the majority of people there easily identified with.

These people love handmade cups and love using them even more. People who have specific morning cups and different afternoon cups. People who run their fingers across the rims and loop their fingers through handles to test the space and weight of the each cup.

And with over 240 cups from 42 makers in Cuppa, it was a cup lover’s candy shop at Makers Gallery. And I have to confess, I couldn’t resist putting a couple red dots on some exquisite mugs.

I played with new clay, shapes, patterns and glazes for my cups – here’s a couple photos that I took on my phone just before handing them over to Stephanie and Tony. I’m really looking forward to seeing the images that Tony has captured (he’s a brilliant photographer).


Cuppa will run until July 24th and the official Makers Gallery website will soon have the online catalogue available if you can’t physically make it to the gallery.

With a big smile for you,

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