Some people are just wonderful…

Last weekend saw me packing up my wares into two old suitcases (one was my Nana’s and the other my Dad’s) and alongside Renae from Reborn Handmade, we had a most enjoyable afternoon at Suitcase Rummage‘s first Powerhouse market of the year.


Despite being a bit of a windy day, there were plenty of lovely people to meet and I was so encouraged to see some familiar faces pop in just to see what was new.

There was one particular customer that stood out last Sunday. It was Dad who was with his three kids. This father spent quite a while deliberating on which item would be most suitable for his wife as a Mother’s Day gift. He thoughtfully considered what she would prefer and in the end, teamed one of my new ‘Blue Seas’ mugs with the quote “Where you invest your love, you invest your life” with a gold lustre heart dish as a saucer – I was able to snap this quick picture before wrapping it up in triple bubblewrap as they riding bikes and scooters around New Farm.


In a time-pressured world where we have the best intentions but often end up just grabbing presents, food or moments of community without really considering the weight, influence or impact of our purchases and conversations, this man reminded me that deliberate, intentional decisions show our true care and devotion to those who matter the most. For years, he had been investing love and life into his wife – learning her likes, her dislikes and understanding who she is – and it shone through most gloriously. Renae and I were both so touched by his desire to select something that his wife would not just like, but treasure. Some people are just wonderful!!

With a big smile for you, Rachel.