Ceramics in School

2016 has been a very different for me and Servant Ceramics.
It’s been quieter in the studio as I’ve still had my hands in clay offsite.

You see, I’ve been working with a local high school. And I’ve been loving it.

Last Thursday, some of the year 11 students threw an interactive viewing in Art House (an old Queensland farmhouse believe it or not) of the functional ceramics they have been crafting this term.

IMG_0224 - Version 2

IMG_0222 - Version 2

The students are engaging with the concept of Encounter in their unit of study and this guided study focused on the work of Shannon Garson and Elke Lucus. The students foraged fauna from the school grounds and experimented with texturing and decorating the clay with the selected leaves, flowers, branches and grasses.  We used Blackwattle Earthenware Paperclay with Cobalt and Copper Carbonates and a clear EW glaze, fired to 1100C.

Hearing the non-art students amazement – ‘wait, you made this???’ and seeing the art students’ face light up and acknowledge with a small nod or strong ‘Sure did!’ was incredibly special. Being able to see worth not only in what they made, but innately within themselves is a rare gift and one that I hope that these students will remember.

With a big smile for you, Rachel.


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  1. The ceramic pieces are absolutely beautiful. I love the colours and use of plants, and the shapes of each item. Sounds like a very fun and memorable day for everyone.

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