It is a wonderful thing to see a dream coming to fruition and you are invited to witness and participate in that, this Saturday afternoon (December 12th).

You see, for Stephanie Outridge Field, the establishment of her own workshop and gallery space has a long-term dream but one that will be realised with ‘Friends’ – the launch exhibition of the Makers Gallery.

Drawing together established practitioners and emerging artists, this exhibition unites a wide range Stephanie’s maker friends and offers a diverse collection of ceramic works. Ronelle Clarke, Jill Cuthbertson, Jane Harthoorn, Martha Zettler, Grant Hodges, Vanessa Wallace, Rowley Drysdale, Megan Puls, Andrew Bryant, Wendy Hatfield Witt and Joe Ottaway all accepted Stephanie’s invitation to participate and I am was absolutely thrilled (and filled with equal sense of trepidation) to be a part of the exhibition as well!!

Having met Stephanie very soon after starting Servant Ceramics, I have seen her moving towards the launch for the past three years but it is clear that the seed was planted many years before. It has been so exciting to see the gallery space transform with new flooring, shiny gallery lights, and fresh plinths. And the work that is coming in! Oh my!! It. is. fabulous. All my Christmas, birthday and next Christmas’ monies will most likely will be spent! I have spied the small and precious along with statement pieces and there’s still more to come in. One of the perks of sharing the studio is the insider sneak-peaks!!

I would highly encourage you to come to the gallery’s opening (I’ll be there after 4pm… I have the BrisStyle Bazaar market first up at Southbank on Saturday) or pop in on another weekend as the space will be open 11am-4pm on weekends until Jan 10th.

In addition to the gallery space, the SOFA ceramic workshops will recommence in the New Year alongside other exhibition and gallery pop-up events.

With a big smile for you,