ACOS 2015 Ceramics Workshop Results

Every now and then as a potter, you have a brilliant firing – one where everything comes through perfectly. As you unpack these fired loads, you think, “WOW! That’s better than I imagined it would be!”

Truth be told, I was quite nervous as I stacked all the beautiful handmade ceramics plates from the ACOS workshop in the kiln for both firings. So much time, effort and love went into each plate’s creation and the makers were so invested in the final outcome.

But this was one of those amazingly fantastic firings! No issues with any cracks or glaze faults – each plate came out glossy and gorgeous. Here’s a few photos so you can check out the diversity of work!!

There’s something so special about handmade items. Seeing how connected and focused the workshop participants were in making their plates and hearing how much they enjoyed the experience, I really hope that they are happy with their final result and use it often.

I am starting to plan one or two more workshops in late Nov and early December so if you are interesting in attended a handbuilding workshop in Clayfield (Brisbane), please do let me know!!

With a big smile for you,

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