Australian Ceramics Open Studio 2015

Stephanie Outridge Field and I had the pleasure of welcoming some fantastic, enthusiastic and adventurous people into SOFA studio. Stephanie has had the space for six years now, built under her gorgeous Queenslander.

Now, I didn’t get too many photos of the weekend  but  the highlight was definitely seeing people making plates! It was incredible to see someone’s confidence grow and how tentatively they’d approach the clay until they got familiar with it and then they were like a pro.

Another highlight was having a lovely lady who visited us last year, come back again this year! Thanks so much LJ – it was so nice to have you back!!

Exhausted. But the best kind of exhausted. That’s how I feel after ACOS 2015. To everyone who visited, thank you so much for your coming along and supporting your local potters. Your questions and presence this weekend meant so much to Stephanie and I.


And Stephanie, thank you so much for being my fairy claymother. You have such drive and I’m so thankful for your support and friendship. And you make AMAZING scones…


As a side note, keep a look out for new workshop dates coming soon! We got so many requests for workshops and are hoping to kick some off while the studio is so shiny and clean.

With a big smile for you, Rachel.