BeLonging Members Exhibition 2015

BeLonging piece_R.Cramer
“They all leave home at some stage”

I haven’t had a chance to share my wonderful Australian Ceramics Triennial experience (partly due in the fact that my phone broke on the second day so I lost all my photos from the first day and then couldn’t take any after that) BUT I’ve just come across a link to the members’ exhibition – BeLonging: embodied commentaries inspired by place.

Above was my contribution to the exhibition. As an emerging studio potter, I designed this cup for daily domestic use. The decal was originally hand-drawn to celebrate my studio’s first year as a full time business. Much like a tree, the business started out as a small seed, as a tentative dream, and has since grown, with vessels leaving my studio and finding their homes in somebody else’s.

There was some amazing work and I’d highly recommend checking the official album (click here) – there’s so much variety!!


Once I’ve caught up on my orders, I will pull out my handwritten notes and share some of my thoughts from the presentations, exhibitions and demonstrations that I was present for.

With a big smile for you,

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  1. Thanks Rachel. I recognised a piece by Lone White. I know her. I used to work with her husband. She does amazing stuff.



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