Making Austen Mugs

I’ve been a bit manic in the studio this week.  Deadlines are looming and I’m keen to kick my new projects a bit further along. But before I can do that, I need to get orders out and my online store restocked! Valentines’ Day has cleaned me out – especially when it comes to the Jane Austen mugs!

Since I’ve been making some more Austen mugs, I thought, ‘Why not share an insight into the process?’ So I’ve focused more on decoration than the actual wheel-throwing making side of things. These are a bit different to other items in the current Servant Ceramics range – they are textured with multiple layers underglaze paint.
If you scroll over the pictures, some comments/explanations should pop up.

The bisque firing is sloooooooow. It can take 14 hours to fire the kiln, reaching 1000 degrees and then another 20+hours before it’s cool enough to open the door and pull out the wares!

Next step is to wax the bases (to resist the glaze) and disturb those glaze buckets!

I’m looking forward to sharing the final results – hopefully early next week as I want to squeeze a glaze firing in next weekend.

With a big smile for you, Rachel.

2 thoughts on “Making Austen Mugs

  1. They look great, I love the pastel colors before the firing almost as much as the finished piece. Thanks for sharing the technique.

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