Making my day that much better…

I absolutely adore hearing back from customers and this week, two lovely ladies got in contact with me – with photos!


Using her Jane Austen mug for the very first time….

I love it so much Rach! It’s by far the best tea vessel I’ve ever used. Thank you!

This particular mug was purchased while on Christmas holidays here in QLD and made it safely down to VIC, wrapped up all tight, on the plane ride back.



The second wonderful image is of a very special mug.

This mug was made to celebrate Servant Ceramics’ very first birthday and I only made three of them. The tree image was one I drew and had made into a decal transfer. For me, it summed up my first year of business. What was a small seed of a dream, had grow up and was establishing itself, with items going off to new homes.

tea o’clock – better with servant ceramics

This photo must of been taken on study break – look at all those notes!!

Thanks so much RO & MR for taking the time to contact me. It really does bring huge joy to me.
I love this job but sometimes I do get lonely by myself in the studio. Knowing that my work is appreciated and used, lifts my spirits and gives me the motivation I need to keep on making.

Much love and with a big smile,

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