Finders Keepers SS14 kicks off tomorrow, 10am!


The weekend is here – it’s Finders Keepers time!!

What a week month it has been preparing for market!

Packing all the stock this afternoon was a surreal moment.
I haven’t had the time to work out exactly what I am feeling but I know there are parts of relief, anxiety, surprise, thankfulness, overwhelmedness, excitement, fear, joy, exhaustion, perseverance and a sense of what I think is peace…

I have loved the support that’s come my way this week – so many of my special ones reached out to me, helped me, encouraged me, gave me food, sweet working tunes and hours of their time.

Sometimes, making pots is a lonely endeavour.
Sometimes, that’s what I love about it – the solitude, the space, the ability to focus and block out the world.

But in preparing for a market like this, I needed some help right to get me across the finishing line and I have been blown away by cavalry that came to help me out – especially KD, GD, SD, JD, MH, BH, CS, EM, HOF, SOF, TW, MR and my long-suffering Andrew – what a supportive helpful, rational and currently sleep-deprived husband he is. He deserves a medal. Or at the very least, a steak dinner at his favourite pub where we talk about anything but pottery. or clay. or ceramics. or markets. or bubble wrap.

If you can, it would be excellent to see you at the old Museum building sometime this weekend. Doors open 10am-4pm each day and you’ll find me along the veranda, towards room 3.

FK promo

Check out all the marketers here so you preview what pretties and shinys and stunning things are on offer this weekend!

With a big smile for you, Rachel.

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