October BrisStyle Twilight Market

I do love the BrisStyle Twilight Markets! Being surrounded by talented makers, with the “hello-weekend” vibe and this beautiful Spring weather, this market are one of my favourites.

That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever felt properly set up until at least and hour after the 5:00pm start time. Given its location at King George Square, people are already interested in what’s going on from 3:30 when we start setting up. One of the things I’ve absolutely loved about the Twilight Markets is the opportunity to catch up with regular customers. A real highlight last Friday night was having Ms. M. pop in who couldn’t resist taking home another vase to add to her Servant Ceramics collection.

Photo credit to instagram.com/mariamcheyne
Photo credit to instagram.com/mariamcheyne

Another high was reconnecting with Ms. J. who previously bought a gold lustre bowl for her sister in the UK. That night she bought one for herself and now not only does she have something to hold her jewellery (while her things are packed in moving boxes) but every time she sees her own bowl, she will think of her sister overseas.

Finally thanks to another Ms. M. who bought her second dinosaur mug (a t-rex holding balloons). Funny story… she told me that her first dinosaur mug mysteriously went missing from work for few weeks back but has since been returned (happy day!). I love hearing such stories of people using my wares and enjoying them so much that they come back for more.

As always it was great catching up with some of my fellow makers. Big shout out to Marta Walenda, I Make It, Jewellery by Kristine, Meekz Contemporary Jewellery, Facet Industries, Colourscape Photography and Michelle Pujol Contemporary Jewellery. I would have loved to go round and catch up with a few more makers but it was such a busy night that I didn’t get the chance.

I’m hoping to be at the next Twilight Markets on Friday 5 December but the marketeers list hasn’t been released yet. It’s sure to be a Christmas-Cracking market, hope to see you all there!

With a big smile for you, Rachel.