Pinterest, oh pinterest!!

When working on a custom order, if the client hasn’t got a specific design in mind, I usually head straight to pinterest for inspiration.

If you haven’t heard of pinterest, your family and friends are probably thankful. As amazing as pinterest is, it can be a time-sucking votex – revealing amazing images, crafts, recipes, designs, cleaning cheats, exercises and general inspiration in a seemingly never-ending supply. In essence, pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can collect and save images which are linked to their original web source (ie: you pin a lasagna recipe in your recipe board on tuesday night and come friday, when you want to cook it, you return to your board and click the mouthwatering image which opens to the blog with the recipe on it).

I especially love pinterest for collecting reference images. For example, I’ll show you some images that I’ve collected for a Art Deco inspired custom order. Please note that these aren’t linked to their original sources.

There’s a lot of variety with those images but they are really helpful as Art Deco isn’t an art style that I usually gravitate to. I’m really excited about the project though and am playing with a different clay body for it too!!

With a big smile, Rachel.

PS: You will need to sign up for a pinterest account if you want to pin and create your own boards. You can also follow family/friends/bloggers which is a great way of seeing awesome images that you wouldn’t normally find yourself.