Things I have been working on recently…

I love my job. And I love seeing photos of the things I’ve made in their new homes.

I’m always so grateful to the customers who send through an image or even just a message to let me know when they’ve received their items.

In no particular order, here’s a handful of images from the last few weeks! Some of these are market purchases, some items have been personalized orders while others are images from recent events. I’m especially thrilled to show you the ‘In The Booth’ corporate order as well as the commemorative tile for a memorial garden – a commission by a Mothers group in Victoria (Don’t forget, if you want to maximize the image, you can click on it and a gallery view opens for larger viewing).

Huge thanks to all those customers who have sent me photos! After all the time invested in custom orders – from the initial contact, the collaborative design process inherent in personalized gifts and the creation of each unique piece, there’s a lot of love and hard work invested – and it’s so encouraging to see them loved, treasured and used.

With a big thankful smile, Rachel.

PS: I’m linking this blog post to Lori Buff’s blog this week!! You can check it out here alongside Smart Cat’s and Linda Starr’s post. It’s *almost* like having MudColony back 😛