ACOS 2014 – Australian Ceramics Open Studio Weekend

Despite a very wet and rainy Saturday, the Australian Ceramics Open Studio Weekend was a wonderful time. Stephanie Outridge Field and I throughly enjoyed the experience and we loved greeting and meeting all our visitors – both new and old friends.

There were some awesome questions asked and we’re now planning to offer some classes as pretty much everyone asked whether we did classes! Steph’s open studio is perfect for workshops – so flexible and perfect for intimate groups.

Stephanie used this special event to debut her new gallery spaces! The flash red door was a talk-point for all our visitors.

So here’s some photos from the weekend (including setup!) – all credit goes to Tony Webdale for these photos!!

One of my highlight of the weekend was seeing people have a go on the wheel! Especially this lovely lady:

Having a go on the wheel!
Loving the experience!

All in all, it really was a great opportunity to spread the joy of ceramics. We had a great mix of people – those who were practicing artists, previous customers, those who are members of the Australian Ceramics Association and people who had heard Shannon Garson’s Radio National Interview and just popped in.

It was so encouraging to see my fb and ig accounts filled with happy snaps from potters, ceramics artists and the public, all enjoying the weekend! Around 150 makers participated across Australia!!!

Jumping in and showcasing with Stephanie was fantastic for me as this was my very first ACOS. As a pro, Steph was able to help me prepare and it was just wonderful to share the experience with her!

Farewell ACOS2014!
Farewell ACOS2014!

With a big smile for you, Rachel.