Tetsuya & Momoko Otani artist talk and demonstration

Last Thursday night, Ray Cavill opened the doors of The Clay School in West End, enabling Tetsuya and Momoko Otani to share about their practice and life in Japan as well as giving Tetsuya the opportunity to demonstrate his throwing technique.

The Otani’s were invited by Kylie Johnson to visit and exhibit at her Paper Boat Press Gallery (u-tsu-wa closes this Saturday so make you head over to Ashgrove before everyone starts to collect their purchases on Sat morning).

It was such a delightful evening and the throwing demonstration was the highlight for me. I did take some photos on my phone (apologies for the quality – I have an old iPhone3, but it does the trick for all the normal phone things – the camera just doesn’t have the quality of the newer phones).

It was a delight to spend an evening with the Otani’s, enjoying their humble, sweet natures and appreciating talented, skilled hands.

I sure hope that Kylie continues to offer workshops to complement future PBP exhibitions – they provide such a insight and stronger connection with/to the featured artists. And it’s always lovely to meet new people who are interested in the ceramic process!

With a big smile, Rachel.

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  1. Isn’t it to witness a fellow artist at work and learn something new /be encouraged to refine the way to do things!

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