The Belated Birthday Post

Yup, it’s been a whole week since our Open Studio / Birthday Party event.

…and I’m only just getting the chance to pull my thoughts together on it all.

Hands down, it was one of my favourite days of 2014. Hands down!
I won’t lie, Sunday morning before everyone arrived was a little stressful as we re-arranged our house, set up displays and prepared food for lunch. If the morning hours flew, those afternoon hours broke the speed barrier!

We set up a photo timeline of significant events of Servant Ceramics – first bisque, first market, first retail stockist – and the studio space was on display for all visitors to check out.

It's a small studio space, that's for sure but it works for me! And the light! Oh the light is amazing!!
It’s a small studio space, that’s for sure but it works for me! And the light! Oh the light is amazing!!

I also encouraged everyone to have a play with clay and had a table set up just outside of the studio with clay tiles for people to decorate.

I will be firing these tiles with a clear glaze and will be installing them in the studio. I think it will be awesome to have them encouraging me during this, the second year of Servant Ceramics.

Before the party, I had been working hard on some new commemorative pieces for the celebrations. Now I have to admit, I was meaning to take photos when they were set up on Sunday morning, but I ran out of time and they ran out the door and into new homes – yay! Here’s a couple of photos that some friends did take so you can see a couple of the designs…

The tree design was significant – Servant Ceramics started out as a seed and has grown, much like a tree. Parts of the business have spread, vessels have flown to new homes and the original dream has evolved and changed and will continue to do so. I actually draw this tree, scanned it and had it made into a decal which was transferred onto the mugs and plates.

I’m not sure if I’ll make any more of these particular tree pieces as I intended them to be a limited edition run, just for the birthday. I might play around the another tree design in the future though as it’s received a lot of great feedback.

And as it was a birthday party, there was cake! I put the question out on the Servant Ceramics fb page just what flavour the cake should be and the resounding answer was Mud Cake – because A) It’s chocolate! and B) The fun connection between mud and clay. A big thanks goes out to Jenn, Helena and Dehaan who put the finishing touches on the cake as I ran out of time to ice and decorate it!

Cake and speeches
Cake and an obligatory speech
(sorry about the blur but this was the best of the cake photos)
(sorry about the blur but this was the best of the cake photos)

There was such a great mix of family, friends, fellow makers, customers and neighbours and I feel so lucky to have so many people celebrate this milestone with Andrew and myself. I have been so blessed to have experienced this past year and have been overwhelmed by all the support, encouragement, purchases and promotion people just like you have lavished upon Servant Ceramics!

Fellow makers!
Fellow makers from BrisStyle

I will be treasuring this day in my heart and OH! … wait! I want to also thanks those wonderful people who sent cards, messages, emails and even presents of support leading up to the birthday celebrations! Your care and joy increased the day immeasurably…. here’s just two examples that amplified the joy and fun!!

With a big smile and happy heart and big cheer for the year ahead, Rachel.

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