Believe you can…

Print from Colourscape Studios
Print from Colourscape Studios

This print popped up in my fb newsfeed on Monday morning and was quite encouraging as I was gearing up for a massive day – unpacking a bisque, mixing a 12L batch of glaze, waxing bases, glazing – getting ready to fire the big kiln with wares for THIS SUNDAY’S OPEN STUDIO.

Generally speaking, I tend to bite off more than I can chew. An optimist by nature, I usually plan more for my days than should be allocated. For example, expecting to wax, glaze and fettle (scrapping back any glaze drips and wiping glaze off the bases) a full load in one day isn’t a sane expectation. But it just had to be done. And amazingly, it got done!

Happy to say that the kiln is currently on (recording 1225C degrees with ^8 just curling at the top) and I can’t wait to see the pretties come out! I’ve got some very exciting orders inside and it’ll be great to send/drop these off! Not too mention the work for the open studio.

I’m really looking forward to Sunday. Now that the wares are in the kiln, I can focus on the other surprises that I have been dreaming up. I’m not sure if all are feasible …but Sunday will reveal which are. It will be wonderful to review the past year – the high and the lows – and be thankful for it all.

If you would like to celebrate with us, do check out the facebook event or contact me directly: hello (at) servantceramics (dot) come (dot) au.

With a big smile for you, Rachel.