Stephen Bowers – Beyond Bravura

Just in case you are in Brisbane and have some free time…

Artisan have three interesting exhibitions running at the moment and one has especially captured my attention – Stephen Bowers’ Beyond Bravura



Bowers’ presentation at the 2012 Australian Ceramic Triennale Subversive Clay Conference was rather memorable (sharing why he was undertaking a research project) and I’m looking forward to viewing this JamFactory touring exhibition for myself in the next couple of days. 

If you love decorated surfaces, Bowers’ work promises to be a feast for your eyes! Renown for his plethora of decorative techniques, Bowers: ‘combines art historical references with Australiana motifs and icons of popular culture.’ (Geelong Gallery).

Also featured at Artisan are Julie-Anne Milinski with Jardinière and Soft Cell by Christina Waterson.

Julie-Anne Milinski
Christina Waterson

With a big smile for you, Rachel