Show and Tell

There’s nothing like receiving a photo from a customer…

My heart does this weird jumpy, skippy, leapy kind of dance when an email or notification reveals a Servant Ceramic vessel well-settled and well-loved in a new home.

Here’s a couple of my favourites that have come my way recently…

Thank you so much for sharing these images – AT, SD, One Little Reason, @rachelanncheesman, @thatflowershop, @thespottedhook, @kitchentablelove, @izzle_11 and @colourscapestudios

Always keen to see how you are treasuring a Servant Ceramics vessel – feel free to email me – hello (at) servantceramics (dot) com (dot) au – post it directly to the facebook page or tag servantceramics on instagram or twitter.

With a great big smile, Rachel.