One of those weeks…

That phrase ‘one of those weeks’ has always intrigued me.

For some people, it instantly conjures up a week where everything has gone wrong. Or at least not gone to plan.

For others, it just another week. Nothing exciting. Nothing bad. Simply nothing out of the ordinary.

For me, if I describe my week as  ‘one of those weeks’ what I’m really saying is that it has been one of those surprising, blew me out of the water, where good and bad stuff have all happened together, kinda weeks.

Let’s go back to Monday. Monday the 31st was filled with much delight! I opened two glaze kilns and while there were some gorgeous things pulled out, there were also a few disappointments. It might just be me, but even if 39 perfect items come through a kiln firing, if there is one that cracks or breaks or just doesn’t look right, I will always be a little bit sad with the firing. Strange how we can fixate on the bad and not see how great we actually have it. But I’m working on that!!  I was also offering my first ever flashsale on Monday through my Etsy store. It was a lot of fun to create the promos and even better to see the promos being shared on fb and better still to see the orders come through. I really appreciated the support you all showed me on Monday 🙂 Oh, and I cut my hair impulsively on Monday afternoon. My fringe was looking dreadful and in the end, I decided to freshen it all up with a decent chop. I’m still not used to washing it yet… still squeezing too much shampoo and conditioner out! ha! But I love how quickly it dries now.

I spent Monday night photographing my entry for Vipoo’s OBJECT:SPOON competition and submitted the application via email at 11pm (entries were to close on the 31st – nothing like last minute, am I right?).

Here it is…


My entry was titled : ‘A spoonful of sugar helps revenge taste even sweeter.’
My original idea drew from three phrases and also was inspired by The Hunger Games series.

The three phrases were:
// a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down //
// revenge is the best medicine //
// revenge tastes sweet  //

In terms of The Hunger Games, I had been thinking about the ‘tea party’ President Snow and Katniss Everdeen share before the Victors’ Tour commenced in the second book and how later in the series, Katniss is intent on killing Snow herself.

I created a spoon which is more like a dagger, than a typical spoon. Would revenge be taken with the sharp edge of the spoon? Would revenge be taken through poison disguised by sugar? Would revenge be taken followed by a sweet cup of tea as a celebratory drink? These are some of the questions that came to me as I was crafting the spoon from porcelain paper clay. The leather binding contrasts with the smooth, cold and reflective surface of the ceramic dagger not only in tone, but in texture and line as it circles and knots itself around the handle.

As for Tuesday, well, it was my birthday! It was a GREAT day. I had breakfast with two of my dearest friends, morning tea with a new friend, lunch with my brother, dinner with my beloved, several wonderful phone conversations with family and friends as well as a sweet ride down memory lane as people shared memories and wonderful times we’ve shared together over the years. It was awesome; I felt loved. I appreciated the ability to close one year and open the door to the next year, realizing anew exactly who makes life joyful, purpose-filled and worth living.

Birthday donuts, two of my bestest and a lunch feast I'll always remember
Birthday donuts, two of the bestest people I know and a lunch feast I’ll always remember

Wednesday turned out different to how I expected it to. After dropping a dear friend off at the airport first thing in the morning, I worked on my BrisStyle market setup until lunch and had coffee with my ‘fairy-clay mother’ (Okay, I let me explain that… like a fairy godmother but instead of pretty dress, pimped-out pumpkin carriages and glass slippers, this wonderful lady helps me with firing schedules, glazing faults and general ceramic inspirational-ness) after lunch. I also spent some time with the very talented Penny from Clone Designs. We are crafting a little collaboration at the moment and all will be revealed very soon 🙂 As with all Wednesday nights, we meet with a wonderful bunch of friends, eat dessert, drink tea and chat about the deep things in life. This week I offered to bring some dessert and I made cinnamon rolls. They are one of my favourite tasty treats. Turned out that one of my friends is slightly allergic to cinnamon and I didn’t realise! DOH right?! She didn’t say anything until after she ate one and someone queried if she should be eating it. Turns out it’s not a super deathly allergy.. phew! I still felt a bit dumb in bringing them – definitely remembering that for next time 😛

Thursday was spent running errands. While I was able to purchase some leather (shoutout here: MacLace Leather in Capalaba are brilliant), I wasn’t able to make a decision about lighting for Friday’s Twilight Market. It was a really frustrating day for me. Knowing very little about lighting in general and being unable to talk it over with Andrew resulted in me heading home without a purchase… just a stressball in my stomach. Despite the trying day, the night turned out pretty awesomely. One of Andrew’s favourite bands were in town and we went to their gig. It was great to see Andrew enjoying himself so much and the band was great. I love a decent live act!

As for Friday, well I had to get up early to pick my parents up from the airport. They had been road-tripping it across NZ for the past two+ weeks and got the first plane out of NZ that morning. On the way home, we visited Springers Solar and bought a sweet lighting package – led strip, cigarette converter, 12v battery, battery charger and handy carry bag. Turns out, it worked BRILLIANTLY that night. But more on that later.

Also on the way home, I got a red-light ticket. I debated whether or not to include this in the post but it truly was one of the crappy parts of the week. At an intersection close to home, I made the decision to follow the car in front of me through the orange light and it turned red while I was still in the intersection. Sirens wailed and I realise that an unmarked police car is right behind me. My Mum declares ‘Oh, this is not good Rachel.’ A few minutes later and with a breath-test passed, I’m fined for going through a red light and will soon be $330 poorer. OUCH. Not good.

The rest of the day passed quickly and I promptly forgot all about the horrible ticket with the madness of preparing for market. Andrew and I arrived a little after 4pm at King George Square and set things up quickly. Andrew didn’t stay for the market as he had a uni gala event to attend. The market was non-stop all night! Lots of smiles and great conversation. I throughly love meeting new people and it was lovely to get to know people who are following Servant Ceramics on fb or instagram – so good to put physical faces to people’s names.

My co-op stall display, three of the sold trex mugs and three of the gold lustre vases that were bought.
My co-op stall display, three of the sold trex mugs and three of the gold lustre vases that were bought.

After all the stressing out concerning lighting, I was ridiculously happy with my purchase and was thrilled with the responses people expressed toward me and my vessels. It was especially awesome to hear people exclaim, ‘Oh, they are gorgeous’ when looking at the gold lustre vessels after seeing them photographed online. With a wonderful storeholder next to me, the night certainly flew by faster than I expected it to! Before I knew it, it was 9pm and packing up time. And man, did I sleep happily and deeply on Friday night!

Saturday was going to be a day off. I had it planned out. Sleep in, eggs and toast for breakfast, washing out on the line, catch up on a couple tv shows, go for a walk after lunch, maybe go see a movie with Andrew before dinner (we were thinking the Lego movie) and enjoy a phone chat with an friend after dinner. But that all changed before 10am… The sleep in was perfect. I had gotten up and thought, I’ll quickly put the washing on and that can be going while I make breakfast. I gather the very full washing basket and head out the back door and down the steps. Suddenly, I’m face first in the grass and my right ankle is filled with lighting pain. Ah, yes, this was a common Saturday morning routine in my youth – rolling an ankle while playing netball.


I’m laying on the grass, my foot propped up by the washing basket, frozen peas nestled on my ankle and the warm qld sun shining down. Pretty view but painful accident. I had forgotten how bad a rolled ankle can feel.  My dad’s side of the family are known for rolling their ankles, so I guess I have Dad to thank haha.

I’ve really done a number on my ankle this time around, let me tell you. We actually went to the hospital after dinner on Saturday as it was ridiculously tender and considering how many times this has happened before, the pain didn’t feel like just a rolled ankle. But I’m happy to share that it’s not broken, but ligament damage is certain. The ankle is still swollen like a baseball and I can’t put any weight on it. I’ve been using my crutches, keeping it iced and elevated and am still wearing the compression bandage today. Considering that I can’t put weight on it, using the pottery wheel tomorrow will be difficult as my right foot is my pedal foot!

Granted, I almost leapt to both my feet this afternoon when I got an email from Vipoo, informing me that my dagger spoon had been accepted in the OBJECT:SPOON exhibition!!!!!!!! Oh the excitement!!! You should head over and view the other 24 finalists for yourself – there are some amazing entries!! CLICK HERE

I am so thrilled to have been selected for this international show! Getting the acceptance notification was definitely a shock and I think that my little scream of joy was confused by Andrew as a yelp of pain when I first read the email.

It certainly has been a roller-coaster of emotions, experiences and realizations this past week – the good and the bad have definitely been represented well.

April has started with a bang, thats for sure! I’m sure its all systems go now for the rest of the month! I’m hoping to share a few new products this month with you as well as two other side projects. Plus I have another competition in mind to enter AND there’s Easter to be celebrated as well. It’s gonna be a great month!!

With a big smile for you, Rachel.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know Yvette! The page is a little slow to load on my computer – probably due to all those wonderful pictures. Appreciate your comments 😀

  2. whew! I feel exhausted reading about your week! so excited for you to be a finalist in the Vipoo comp. Well done! and pleased that yours is one of the less creepy spoons too. :/ hope the ankle is starting to heal. xx

    1. I’m back to walking without wincing Geogria! I cannot take walking for granted anymore 😛 Oh, and I loved seeing you work in the Journal of Australian Ceramics – so good to see it in the exhibitions section!!! Have a great Easter weekend 🙂

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