BrisStyle Twilight Market Wrap-up

Friday night was my first ever BrisStyle market…

… And it was a fantastic night!  

My co-op stall display, three of the sold trex mugs and three of the gold lustre vases that were bought.
My co-op stall display, three of the sold dinosaur mugs and a gorgeous trio of the gold lustre vases that went home with a very lovely hairdresser.

Being my first BrisStyle market, I have to confess… I was nervous. I have always loved going to the BrisStyle markets as they are known for showcasing quality artisans and craftspeople. As an emerging artisan, the question of  ‘is my work good enough’ still lingers but I do love what I make and with an excellent support network (one that can be brutally honest), I don’t think its a question of doubt, just nervous anticipation.

Paired up with Karah from Karah Sinden Jewellery, the night seemed to fly by at our table with good conversation, big smiles and meeting lots of new and wonderful people!

Given that this was a twilight market, one of the new additions to my market setup was lighting.

I hummed and harred about lighting all week leading up to Friday night, but was so thrilled with the package Springers Solar offers to BrisStyle members. So simple to set up and oh so bright!!! With the strip led lighting (with velcro backing and clippy hooks on each end for breezy attachment), a cigarette converter attachement to a 12v battery, special carry bag and battery recharger, its a complete package! And one I’d totally recommend!

Bronte with her t-rex mug! She's a star!!
Bronte with her t-rex mug! She’s a star!!

One of my favourite encounters on friday night was meeting Bronte! She just started a new job and she bought one of my dinosaur mugs (and one of my heart beakers) as a celebratory present. It was so fun seeing her decide which mug to chose, picking the best one for her hand (as each handle is attached individually to the cup, each can feel slightly different). As she walked away, I felt so happy that my mug was going to a new home as a very loved treasure. That might sound soppy but its the truth!

Seeing people interact with my work – picking it up, cradling it in their hands, seeing a smile spread across their face as they go, ‘this one, this is the one, I’ll take it’ –  is just so humbling.

It’s such a joy to be a maker.

All packed up
All packed up – I had to sneak off to buy more bubble wrap halfway through the night – the new roll only just fit into my backpack.

Having a co-op site meant that I had quite a small display – I loved having just the three containers! Definitely helped we as got to and from the market via the King George Square’s bus station. It was a good challenge working with a small space, deciding what to bring, what to leave at home and how to best display my pieces.

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by the stall, especially those who purchased items – I’d love to see photos of them in your space!

Looking forward, I’ll be at the BrisStyle City Hall Market this Saturday from 9am!
I’ll be working hard this week as I have a few new things to prepare for the market to debut!!

With a big smile to you, Rachel.

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