Back into the squishy stuff | Shops are live again | Valentine’s Day special

servant_ceramics_2014_Jan30a_studio happenings

It sure is amazing to be back in the studio! 

So yesterday afternoon, I was busy trimming those vessels that are photographed above (several custom mugs and a special wedding gift order) and I had one of those happy sigh moments and I literally said out loud, ‘I love this’. After a month away from the wheel, my hands, heart and head sure are happy to be back with the mud. 

While its a lot of fun this week, I’m sure that next week will prove a bit tougher on my body as I start my production schedule, building stock up and getting ready for my first firing of 2014!

There’s been lots thinking, planning and preparing for year, trying to think strategically about how to grow Servant Ceramics. I’ve lined up some new products to appear throughout the year – its so hard to keep these a secret – I just want to share them straight away!! Thanks to those you commented and gave suggestions – here on the blog and facebook as well as your emails… you might just see your idea come to life very soon! 

I do have something, okay, TWO things to reveal today… excitement!! 

(*) Our etsy and madeit shops are live again! Get purchasing 🙂 
(**) I have a few very special, limited edition Valentine’s Day heart beaker with additional gift note.

You're my cup of tea - complete with tea and our gorgeous heart cups!
You’re my cup of tea – complete with Lady Earl Grey tea and our gorgeous heart cups!

See more photos here.  Best to move quickly on these as I only have a select number available. 

With a big smile, Rachel.