Something new for Servant Ceramics…

…and it’s only 10 days into the year!!

I don’t know about you, but I love crossing items off lists. The gleeful sense of celebration as the pen rushes across the paper creating a swoop of solid colour through a line of text; the satisfaction of crossing the open box to show that “Wham, bag, that box is closed Ma’am.”

A couple weeks ago, the Christmas shopping list was this list of choice. A line here, a box crossed there. Then, after a Thursday night spree, all but three items remained. That my friends, was a fun night.

The grocery list is a good one too. Since I mostly use my phone for this task, not a handwritten list, the scratchy scribble sound doesn’t hit my ears anymore but seeing the text disappear behind the cursor, is still rather enjoyable.

 Yesterday, I was able to address one item on my Servant Ceramics ‘to-bring-about’ list!!
Due to popular demand, I’m proud to reveal that we are now offering a….


It’s a new year and with it will come lots of new things from the studio.
My ears are always keen for feedback and product suggestions and the presence of these new gift vouchers is just one way of me saying “YES! Great idea!”

For more information on these most wonderful, magical and extraordinary vouchers, click this brand new link or head up to my black menu banner – hover over shop – click on gift voucher… ta’dah!

Oh, also, ‘write blog post about the new gift vouchers’ – that’s another one for my yearly tally!

With a big, slightly cheeky smile, Rachel.

[ Please note: Buying or receiving these vouchers may change your life. It hasn’t been scientifically proved but word on the street is that good things happen when you buy handmade items. Colours are brighter, green traffic lights occur more frequently and food tastes better. Just try it. Results might vary depending but at the very least, you’ll be directly helping an artisan pay their electricity bill. And that’s pretty magical for them. ]