Sniff, Mudcolony’s last blog.

If you have been a regular reader of this blog, you would be familiar with the word ‘MudColony‘…

Mud Colony is one of the reasons why I started my own blog.

For the past two years, ceramic artists from diverse practices, different locations and contrasting styles came together, sharing their studio practices and encouraging each other with comments and likes.

 I remember the first time I came across the blog and  how it sucked me in! Many an hour-two hour-three hour stretch was spent reading the linked posts and then reading the blogger’s  previous posts. Oh, what a time sucking vortex it became. But in the best way possible of course.

As a student, the contributing bloggers offered many answers to my clay questions. The authors were creative in their practice, imaginative in their application and each, so enthusiastically passionate about clay as a medium.

Adriana Christinason has been the instigator, opening the portal to the studios each week and she’s been so welcoming, encouraging and supportive to me personally. Thank you so much for the time and love you lavished up all the contributing bloggers, Adriana. We will miss the blogspot but look forward to the facebook page growing from strength to strength.

As for what’s been happening with Servant Ceramics this past week, well, it was a mad glazing rush on Monday and Tuesday. Firing occured Weds and I was able to drop some stock off at Handmade on Highstreet which was very exciting.

servant ceramics range example
Handmade on High Street is at 1/466 Ipswich Road, Annerely

Thursday was spent organising for Saturday’s Handmade Redcliffe Market. I opened the kiln on Friday morning, thrilled with the firing and got to work sanding bases and trialling set-up options for the market stall. Had a great time at Handmade Redcliffe, being the final market of the year, we had the most stall holders so far and there was a great vibe to the day overall.

Servant Ceramics_heart beakers_mug_cup
Market Debut for the heart beakers

I have a few of the heart beakers left and will be uploading them to the online stores after sending out my remaining Christmas orders – that’s my next task today… best get onto that!

Oh, before I sign off, I woke up this morning and saw a photo of one of my Christmas decorations in action! Thanks so much for the image from Rachel Holloway Photography

Servant ceramics merry christmas photography by rachel holloway
Beautiful photography by Rachel Holloway Photography

With a big smile to you, and a sad farwell smile for the mudcolony blogspot,

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