We’ve made it to December… [what?!]

The month of awkward end-of-year parties is upon us – be it with work mates, social groups, extended friend circles or family.

Not too mention what I call the ‘Present Purchasing Whirlpool’… deciding what to buy for those dear to you, weighing up how much to spend and working out how to emphase the goodwill and great joy sentiment as opposed to the stress-stress-stress-rush-rush-rush  feeling that commercialised ‘Buy’mas offers these days.

I’ve been able to pick up a couple of things as presents so far, supporting other local artisans  and have had the privilege of fulfilling some custom orders which will be sent out as Christmas presents. How special!!

Servant Ceramics_Custom Ornaments order
Some custom Christmas Ornaments

As it stands, I can’t accept any new custom orders for Christmas but I will be uploading remaining stock into the online stores after the Handmade Redcliffe market on Dec 7th.

Earlier this afternoon, we had a great time at the Kelvin Grove Community Carols event. It was my first outdoor market, complete with wind & strong afternoon sun. I was able to borrow a gazebo through my Dad’s connections and will be researching gazebos over the holidays as I’ll be needing one for next year’s adventures (if you have tips/recommendations, do send them my way).

SC_Dec 1 2013
Our little setup

In other news, it has been a mad week in the studio…

Washing beakers after the bases have been sanded…
Studio fun….
Turned and stamped…
Freshly altered beakers
Freshly altered beakers
Cobalt and Copper oxide is added to the stamps
Bottom layer of my current bisque load. Yup, that’s a lot of beakers!

I’ll be glazing all day tomorrow and probably most of Tuesday too before loading the kiln and firing it up. Looking forward to seeing all the orders and market stock come out.

Finally, seeing my fb newsfeed flooded with Christmas tree photos motivated me to get mine out…

At least my presents have to be small this year to fit under the tree…

MumCramer gave me this Christmas bauble last year… it’s almost bigger than my USB tree! Because we travel to family for Christmas so we don’t have a ‘tree’ as such. I think I was given this tree as part of a secret santa present a few years back.
On the plus side, its small and colourful.

Hope you have enjoyed the first day of December, with or without Christmas decorations!

Oh, and I’m linking this post with the MudColony blog – a great hub for ceramic artists. 

With a big smile, Rachel. 

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