Studio Saturday

Its been a while since I’ve been home on the weekend, let alone in the studio, but today was a studio Saturday – and it was goooooooooooood!

 Heading into the studio this morning, I knew it was a beaker day. I’ve had a few beaker orders come in during the week and wanted to make a few extra, just to keep stock up as Christmas approaches. I ended up prepping an entire bag of clay – ‘umm, hello 24 balls of clay, my name is Rachel and I will be throwing with you, please be nice to me, thank you‘ – and started throwing. And I threw, and I threw and I threw!!!!

S||C Nov 9_beakers
New ball of clay!
 S||C Nov 9_beakers thrown
Pumping them out!

It was a most enjoyable throwing session. It was like each ball of clay wanted to be a beaker and promptly formed itself. This kind of issue-free day is rare.

 S||C Nov 9_beakers drying naturally
Using the warm QLD weather to speed up the drying process – I did my best to keep the beakers in partial shade under the tree outside the studio but had to rotate and relocate them as the sun danced across the clear, Brisbane sky. 

Before I knew it, I had 24 beakers thrown. Happy day!

It’s been a learning curve moving from VIC up to QLD when it comes to throwing. I’ve needed to reduce my throwing production as pieces dry out ridiculously quickly and before I know it, they’re too dry to turn. As it was, with Brisbane’s top temp of 32, by the time I threw the last of the 24 balls, my first beakers were dry enough to turn. This kind of weather does not suit all vessels and wares – drying items too quickly can increase cracking and warping but these beakers are thin walled and naturally dry fast without incident.

After a quick energy refuel, I sat back at the wheel and turned and turned and turned.
And altered. And decorated. And then cleaned the floor around the wheel – lots of clay slip and turnings escaped the wheel’s guard skirt during the day.

 S||C Nov 9_beakers thrown, turned & altered
Thrown, turned, altered and decorated! 

I haven’t had a day like today in a very long time.
Adriana Christianson also had a great fun in her studio – must have been the day for it!!

S||C Nov 9_regram

I’ve since tucked my beakers in (with some plastic to slow their drying overnight) and they should make it into Tuesday afternoon’s bisque firing.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

With a big smile, Rachel.

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