Jess & Jon’s Custom Wedding Cake Stand

What started out as a conversation over the fence has evolved into something very special…

 I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive when my next-door neighbour Jess asked if I could make a cake stand for her upcoming wedding. Anything plate related can easily become a nightmare for a potter as plate forms usually require slow drying times, are prone to ‘s cracks’, warping and cracking if they cool too fast after firing.

But, Jess was clever. She gave me 2+months notice. This time frame allowed me a fair bit of wiggle-room and helped me to say ‘okay, let’s give this a go!’

Wedding cake stand drawing mock-up
Design sketch – Jess is having a three-tiered cake with the base layer 31cm wide and wanted a little room on each side.

Pondering how to make the stands, I tested throwing the plate, giving 4kgs a go. Gosh, I had forgotten what ‘fun’ throwing plates were. Its tough work, especially when you need a 40cm diametre. In the end, I felt that hand-building the plate would work better for me but that I would throw the stand.

S||C Making Ceramic Wedding Cake Stand 8 Oct 2013
With the skirt added, the plate needs to firm up before joining the stand

I also decided that I’d use earthenware clay with its lower firing temperature and reduced risk of the plate slumping. With my bag of Claywork TWE, I ended up making three cake stands.

These stands dried very slowly over two weeks
These stands dried very slowly over two weeks
Jess asked for a little blue heart accent on the stand's skirt
Jess asked for a little blue heart accent on the stand’s skirt

The stands were bisqued upside down and out of the three, only 2 exited fully intact 😦

S||C Crack

The remaining stands were glazed with simple clear to accent the natural clay body and fired right way up.

And here’s the result….. *drumrollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll*

I was so thrilled to see Jess’ happy reaction to the cake stand when I revealed it to her this afternoon. Jess was especially taken with the little blue heart and its’ colour matches soooo well to the adorable cake toppers Jess purchased.

I can’t wait to see how the wedding cake looks with the stand (bring on Nov 23). I feel so privileged to be a part of their special day and the cake stand will be a wonderful item for their future life together.

This is what I love – creating vessels which will be used to celebrate with, to remember a significant moment and that in the future, makes a  ‘normal day,’ extra special.

As usual, I’m linking in with mudcolony – a community of ceramic artists.

With a big smile, Rachel.

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  1. Isn’t it great that what ,at first, appears to be a potential problem, can become an opportunity and then a celebration!

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