Happy Launch Day

launch day

Launch day has finally arrived….. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! 

And I wouldn’t be doing it properly if I wasn’t still uploading stock to the store with only 2 hours to go right? *facepalm*

I wanted a special, opening only item for launch day. Something that was unique and personal and loveable…. and of course, I was working hard right up to the final deadline. This morning I unpacked the kiln and have only just finished photographing them.

First sneak peak!!!

Adapting our signature altered beaker to create this special ‘launch day’ line is quite special for me and I’m thrilled to offered the personalised element. I wanted to acknowledge the buyers who support this line and offer them an exclusive product. As such, this is a limited edition run – I am only making 15. ever.

As for my other pretties , here’s a glimpse of what will be in-store…

With a big smile, Rachel