Store opens in….



And to commemorate the store launch…

I’ve been working on some very special, limited edition altered beakers.
Not only will they be unique, practical and beautiful, but I will be personalising each beaker with their buyer’s name. This way, as Servant Ceramics grows and builds, the owners can proudly show that they were a crucial part in Servant Ceramics’ beginning story. 
A beautiful piece of handmade history. 


In other news, I am currently torn between two feelings. The first is excitvous… 

[please note: excitvous is a combined excited and nervous feeling; separate from anticipation, it involves a few more squeals (not too mention, more eye-rolls from Andrew when I start the squealing) and it’s defined by the characteristic “oh, I’m excited. And nervous. But mostly excited. But still nervous. But excited. Yeah, excited…. I’m excited. …oh,  I am nervous though…” circular response when asked how I’m feeling]

…while the second is ‘big major freakout!’ I am freaked out by two things in particular. The first – the size of my to-do list! What with current orders to fulfil, the Handmade Redcliffe market to prepare for, revealing my Christmas pretties as soon as they are out of the kiln and finalising the shop’s launch… there’s not enough working hours in the day. But, I’m loving it! Seeing the amount of work fly out of the workroom and into kiln is hugely satisfying. Not too mention, the sound of crossing completed tasks off my do-to-list – talk about one of my favourite sounds!

The second freakout is due to nothing other than self-doubt. That niggling, painfully tortuous, cruel internal monologue that suppresses the positives and highlights all the negatives. I can pretend its not there… for a while at least. But as Wednesday creeps closer, I’m getting more and more freaked out. I fully realise the limitations of handmade products. I question the brand’s aesthetic. I debate continually over price. I worry about my workflow. But I make product. I make using skills I’ve learnt. I make, after evaluating mistakes and doing my best to avoid repeating them. I make with my heart on my sleeve (granted, its a clay covered sleeve) and I love, absolutely adore making useful vessels. And I just want to be honest about the emotional roller-coaster that Servant Ceramics is.  

I am really thankful for all the encouragement recently – like Suzi’s comment on my last blog post and the fact that I have some awesomely consistent fb friends (thinking especially of AC, RK, MR, PB, KT, RB, SW, CM, MP, MH, DES, RC, BC, JH, PB, CT, RH & TT) who are always brilliant with their comments, likes and shares.

Because this business is just me, just Rachel – at the wheel, mixing the glaze, grinding the bases after firing, snapping the photos, designing the graphics, writing the content – aka, living the small business dream – I actually see ..and gleefully clap my hands… when the comments, thumbs up and hearts pop up in the newsfeeds. 

Launching this online shopfront is one of the most vulnerable things I’ve stepped out to do so far. But in under 48hours, it’ll be done. Here’s hoping I’m not googling ‘how to build a time travel machine’ come Wednesday night.

With a big excitvous smile, Rachel.


PS for all {STUDIO MATES}  …  Keep an eye on your emails tomorrow afternoon as I’ll be sending out a very important link *wink wink* 

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  1. I hope you get some sleep tonight! I’m super excited to see what you have in store for us. God bless your venture with great sales and much satisfaction. Loves, Rosemary

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