Catch up with studio happenings…

I realised yesterday, that I’ve been quite quiet here on the blog.

There’s been *LOTS* happening, and I just haven’t made it to the computer to share it here. The fb & instagram pages have been updated – isn’t it just so easy with the camera and apps to shoot up a quick photo?!

Still, I want to share what has been happening so…. in no particular order:

S||C Full Fridge 8 Oct 2013
We’ve been entertaining! Its been great to have a full fridge as family and friends have been around for laughs, sharing and quality time. 
S||C Wedding Cake Sketch 8 Oct 2013
My next door neighbours are getting married and they’ve asked me to make a special wedding cake stand for them. What an honor!
S||C The Clay Shed 8 Oct 2013
Travelled up the coast a few times and was able to pop into the Clay Shed at Kundi Park last Friday!
S||C Making Ceramic Wedding Cake Stand 8 Oct 2013
My second test base for the cake stand. I threw the first base on the wheel but wanted to see how handbuilding it would look too. Note my excellent, handmade harp tool in the background. Another classmate from TAFE, Pam made it last year and I simple love it. Guess what the frame was… A hacked off folding chair frame! So simple, soooo good!! Making cutting off slabs of clay a breeze!
S||C Kiwi Slice Photo 8 Oct 2013
Cousins Day 2013! This is a kiwi, coconut cream and lime slice I made especially for my cousin Steve. We had a great day at Maleny and enjoyed our lunch at the lovely Maudy’s. Ended the day with garlic bread and Disney’s Brave which I hadn’t seen before.
S||C Ceramic Heart Pendant 8 Oct 2013
Been busy behind the camera, trying to photograph stock… it takes shot after shot after shot after shot after shot (ok, I think you get the idea now)
S||C Excel Spreadsheet Database 8 Oct 2013
Been amazed with my hubby’s skills (and persistence) as he whips up a small database to keep my orders and customers ordered. He’s so talented!
S||C Customer photography 8 Oct 2013
Very happy to send these two altered beakers off to a wonderful friend in VIC… This is a photo of them in their new home 🙂 So thrilled they got there quickly!

 I also received some photos from the lovely Georgia of Slip Resist from the Clunes Ceramic Award. This is her write up of the launch. Dean Smith’s Autumn Frost II was the undisputed winner (a majority of the visitors and entrants have overwhelmingly agreed with the judges’ choice) with a beautiful crystalline glaze. I loved Georgia’s description: ‘…this glaze is like cherry granita, or blood on snow – just the smallest little crystal formations with subtle variations in tone. I liked the slice marks on the outer surface, like ice-skater’s tracks, and the little checks taken out of the rim and similarly-shaped lugs placed around the sides. What a stunner.’

Dean Smith’s Autumn Frost II (Taken by Georgia Harvey)

 I’m yet to visit the award (which is open until October 13th – its just that Brisbane is quite a few hours drive from Clunes Vic… its not your regular a Sunday drive haha) so receiving Georgia’s photos was a bit special. I’m very thankful to you Georgia!!

The only *sigh* moment for me in viewing the photos is seeing the blacktac quite obviously on the surface of the tiles. That wasn’t my intention but given that I’m so far away from the installation, there’s not too much I can do – I’m still amazed at seeing the arrangements up (remember how nervous I was in this post). The blacktac was included to help the fragments on the super smooth acrylic base and only on the base. If I’m completely honest, I feel somewhat mortified that my work is shown in a not-so-perfect state, especially given the elevated stage of the Clunes Ceramic Award. That said, I’m not bitter or (completely) overwhelmed with worry about it. I’m yelling plot twist and moving on….

S||C Plot Twist

At least, that’s what I’m telling myself to do. haha.

As for this week, I’m pumping out a couple of orders that have snuck up on me, meeting with my business mentor tomorrow and having an extra special family dinner tonight – seeing an Uncle for the first time in about a decade! ….and working on some special Christmas things as well 😉

So, that’s what’s been happening here! I hope all is well in your corner of the world and look forward to sharing more news soon.

With a big smile, Rachel 🙂