Time Travel … 2012 Subversive Clay Conference

This morning, last year, three TAFE students jumped into a Honda Jazz and hit the highway – unsure of exactly what was in store over the next 4 days at the Australian Ceramics Triennale. 

 Clay bliss. Clay bliss was in store – 4 days, 96 hours, 5760 minutes of clay bliss (even my sleep was invaded by all things ceramic). We met some of our making heros and even saw some in action, thanks to the workshops and demonstrations. Our eyes devoured the many exhibition spaces, discovering new favourites and thoroughly enjoying the sheer quantity of diverse clay practices.

We spoke clay, glaze, firing, construction, technique, tools, skill training, rebellion, function, form, purpose, education. Our hearts felt happy and smiles abounded.

Personally, David Pedler made my weekend in the very first demo session. He engaged me with his passion, creativity and innovation. I remember walking back to meet my friends with this sense of amazement – of what could be made, of what the future held, of how brilliant clay is.

The philosophical and ethical direction panel provided the greatest discussion within our Holmesglen circle, specifically when/how/should we acknowledge object makers when an object has been designed by someone else.

Another highlight was on the dancefloor – David Ray is an artist not only with clay, but also on the dancefloor.

As this was my first conference, I’m not one to really say how good it was – I have nothing to compare it to. But, I can say that my mind was engaged by the speakers (I think everyone wanted to become best friends with Claire Twomey after her presentation), my eyes were overwhelmed with the sheer number of beautiful pieces and my heart was exploding with glee, discovery and good old fashioned adventure.

Susannah, Mel, PIe and Ulrica were the most fantastic companions across the weekend and I’d be stoked to attend the next conference with them.

Strange to think its been a year… so much has changed!

I’m heading over to check out MudColony – if you love clay, maybe you should too 🙂

Big smiles to you, Rachel!!